©Bieke Depoorter, Agata, Magnum Photos, FFN2021
©Guanyu Xu, Resident Aliens, FFN2021
Campagnebeeld, ©Liv Liberg, Sister Sister, FFN2021

The art of living

The Art of Living is a photographic solemnisation of life. How do people deal with life in our society, in their bubble or as individuals? How do they celebrate life in good times and how do they experience life in less good times?
During the 2021 edition of the FotoFestival the curators present the search for this immaterial art form, the 'art of living' of self-willed, resilient, artistic, creative and everyday people.

Feiko Koster


The 2021 edition will be curated by our brand new team: Feiko Koster (chief curator, gallery owner Koster Fine Art Gallery, Naarden), Lotte van Es (curator Huis Marseille, Amsterdam), Madé van Krimpen (gallery owner Multiplemadé, Amsterdam), Guinevere Ras (curator Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam) and Kenneth Stamp (photographer) for the special project Celebrate the Dutch Landscape. FFN is very proud to present this new team of young professionals at the heart of the world of contemporary photography, bringing innovation and quality. Under the guidance of an experienced curator who preserves the uniqueness of FotoFestival Naarden.

©Kenneth Stamp, Curators on the fortification wall, Naarden Vesting, 2021