Jet van Gaal

In Bastion Oranje, the series ‘Blueprint, your skin is the blueprint of your life’ by Jet van Gaal is exhibited during the FotoFestival.  


“To me, beauty is a face of which you see that it has lived; wrinkles that show that you have laughed; the colour of your pigment and other external characteristics that connect you to generations that have preceded you; structures of the skin that create special patterns and scars that tell about setbacks that have formed you. These are substantial characteristics that make us unique. It is part of our identity. I see our skin as a miracle of millions of individual cells that together form the largest organ of your body. It protects us from the outside world and is at the same time the passage to our inner world, to our personal stories.” 

Jet van Gaal - FotoFestival Naarden

Blueprint – your skin is the blueprint of your life