Marianne Ingleby

Marianne Ingleby (1980) is a journalist  and photographer living in Amsterdam.

During the FotoFestival Naarden her work ‘Operation Detachment, Transgenerational Memory’ can bes een in the Grote Kerk.

With the photo:

‘War is the best thing that happened to man’, my grandfather told me while growing up.  After he died, my mother gave me a box filled with the documents from his time as a US army war photographer on Iwo Jima, Japan. ‘See what you can do’, she said.

Did my grandfather regret not taking that iconic shot of The Raising of the Flag while he was documenting the war on Iwo Jima? Surely. Did he feel like a misfit? If he did, that would be unfair. To me, my grandfather’s work shows a truer reflection of war, not a one sided victory.

Soon, not a single person alive will have experienced the Second World War. What happens when there are no people left to tell the stories of that war? This generation will dissolve and disappear with time.  Or have their stories sunken into our skin, leaving a mark we can never quite trace?

Bruce Elkus, Iwo Jima 1945

Marianne Ingleby - FotoFestival Naarden