The FotoFestival Naarden is held since the very first time (1989) in the fortress of Naarden. Visitors can view the extensive exhibition of contemporary photographs while walking through history of The Netherlands. 

After the first settlement of Naarden at the ‘Zuiderzee’ was destroyed by the so-called Hoekse and Cod battles, the new Naarden was built more landward. This location was more save from the – sometimes really rough – Zuiderzee, but is also was a more economically strategic location: everybody who traveled from the East towards Amsterdam passed through Naarden. 

This strategical position was also of military relevance: Naarden became part of the Dutch Water Line – a defense line from Muiden to the Biesbosch in the South of the country. Naarden was reinforced and rebuilt to a fortress with bastions, a fortress moat, city walls and gates. The area around the fortress was excavated, so the surrounding land would be lower and – if necessary – could be inundated.

The sand that was excavated was transported to Amsterdam by boat on canals especially dug for this purpose. In Amsterdam the sand was needed to fill up the swampy ground in order to built the famous network of canals. 


Naarden Vesting - FotoFestival Naarden