What is FotoFestival Naarden?

FotoFestival Naarden (FFN) is a biennial photography exhibition that has been presenting the current state of autonomous photography since 1989. The last five editions focused primarily on Dutch photography and photographers. Photography is moving and changing and that is why the Photo Festival is also on the move. Due to current social and political developments at national and international level, the Naarden FotoFestival will in 2019 devote more attention to international photographers who focus on narrative photography. In addition, we opt for several social and current themes. We can use a large national and international network of photographers and curators that the FFN has built up over the past 30 years.

The festival focuses not only on documentary and portrait photography, but also on photography that is true to the basic principles of beauty and artistry. It is at this intersection of documentary and artistic photography that we want to encourage visitors to think and help them develop their view of society and their own role in it.


The Photo Festival has developed a strong signature of its own by using the Naarden fortress as a stage for young talent and at the same time showing established artists as a form of photography. Not only the historical heritage, but also locations that are normally closed to the public are exhibition locations through which the heritage also plays a role. The festival thus stimulates the discovery of both the fortress and photography by a large audience. We offer the public a unique visual experience enriched with the atmosphere of the environment of the historical heritage. These ingredients form the backbone of the festival.



The Photo Festival 

  • has set itself the goal of providing every two years an overview of developments in photography and society through photography at home and abroad, with an eye for tradition and an eye on the future with the highest possible quality for the largest audience possible;
  • offers young talent in photography a unique stage to present themselves to both a large and wide audience, but also to professionals;
  • manages to reach a large, broad and also younger target group for photography with an innovative program and appealing presentation;
  • uses the heritage of Naarden as a stage.

Artistic statement

The last edition was the first with a renewed artistic quality, which was set by a new curatorial team. New and established names, video art, installations and far-reaching digital photographic adaptation techniques, but also analogue and plate technology – the festival showed great diversity but also a unity in the theme of ‘marvelous misfits’.

Photography remains the main theme and related art forms will find their place in the coming editions of the festival. In the coming years, the festival wants to open itself to even more new and established talent in photography, but also to realize more crossovers to film, video art, digital art, installations and possible other forms of image in order to offer an even more varied and stronger program to all target groups and to contribute to the profile of the Fortress of Naarden as a cultural destination.


The PhotoFestival board is composed as follows:

André van der Velde, chairman
Hans Vernes, secretary
Ernst de Wijs, treasurer


Koos Breukel
Hedy van Erp

Executive team

Joke Smit, coordination
Ellen Piekaar, communication & marketing