lotte van es

Lotte van Es is junior curator and collection manager at Huis Marseille, Museum of Photography in Amsterdam. Van Es studied Art, Culture & Media after which she followed the Master Curatorial Program in Art History, both at the University of Groningen. Van Es exchanged the north for Twente - Rijksmuseum Twenthe and Tilburg - Museum De Pont.

As Van Es has her roots in modern and contemporary art, she is focused on new techniques and angles within the photographic medium. Van Es has an eye for art that is at the cutting edge of photography and other media-art such as video and installation art.

huis marseille, amsterdam

Since 1999 Huis Marseille has been located at Keizersgracht 401 in Amsterdam and is the first museum for photography in Amsterdam. The museum offers a rich and varied exhibition programme that changes four times a year on average. Since the expansion in September 2013, there has been ample opportunity to show the museum's own collection, which consists mainly of leading modern (national and international) photography, in addition to the temporary exhibitions.

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