Willem Poelstra

Willem Poelstra exhibits in Bastion Oranje with the series ‘Harrie Wildeman, 50 years but lived a hundred’.⁣

Documentary photographer Willem Poelstra (1956-2018) met Wileman in the Roxy. When Poelstra ordered the beers for himself and for a friend, Wildeman took them and walked away. They both could laugh about it.

When they met again in 2010, this was a bit of a shock. The former club icon lived lonely in a care home. His body was worn out, he suffered from HIV. Once in a while Wildeman took a drag from a joint or a zip of cola. 


Willem Poelstra - FotoFestival Naarden

Harrie Wildeman, this summer he became 50 years old. After a life full of drugs and booze, infected with HIV, his life took its toll. As creative of the Amsterdam club Roxy and co-founder of the Supperclub he was in the spotlights one last time. Living at home is no longer possible, later this year he was moved to a care home. He needs 24/7 care and is monitored all the time. Harrie spends his days smoking, alone.