Leroy Sankes

“My work is quite aesthetic,” says Leroy Sankes (Amsterdam, 1985). It is this beauty that draws the eye into the image, where you then have all the space to discover the different layers. Small imperfections, such as a sloppily cut-off label in a transparent suit, make the situations tangible and “real”, even if they are staged. “I combine fiction and reality.” Here, Sankes shows work from different series; “Craving Beauty”, “Crossing Borders” and “The road is taken”.

With “Craving Beauty”, his graduation series from 2014, Sankes investigated beauty ideals in today’s society. He found that for almost everyone the grass is greener on the other side. “Dark people want lighter skin and vice versa, while Asians want Western eyelids, just to name a few common examples. The unrealistic example of the Barbie doll is already planting a seed for uncertainty in children and striving for perfection. Sankes included portraits from the LGTBQ scene from his most recent series “The road is taken”. The common thread in “The road is taken”? “A moment of revelation and the shame, vulnerability and liberation that go with it.”

Work by Leroy Sankes can be seen in Bastion Oranje.

Leroy Sankes - FotoFestival Naarden