Eddy van Wessel

At the FotoFestival Naarden, location BIJ ANDREAS, Eddy van Wessel exhibits with his series: ‘The Road to the Caliphate’.

Eddy (1965) works in different conflict and disaster areas. His photographs are published in international magazines like Stern, Paris Match, LeMonde2 and The Washington Post Magazine. He won the Zilveren Camera 2015 for his series ‘Sinjar, the struggle for Hoofdweg 47’. He also won the Zilveren Camera in 2012, and twice he was photojournalist of the year. 

With the photo: ‘the Jeep photograph is shot in November 2016, Tal Afar, Irak. It is part of the series ‘The road to the Caliphate’. After very big losses the al-Hashd ash-Sha abi (shiitic people’s brigade) have won the battle of Tal Afar against ISIS. The Hashed fighters go further in the direction of Fallujah, which still is under ISIS control.’


Eddy van Wessel - FotoFestival Naarden

Road to the Caliphate © Eddy van Wessel