In the middle of the fortress of Naarden, opposite the Grote Kerk, we find the old town hall that was built in 1601.

While the Spaniards caused a massacre in 1572 in the little town of Naarden, a small number of inhabitants escaped. They returned to the town after the Spanish army left, and rebuilt the city. The town hall is a nice example of this restoration period, it was built in a typical Dutch Renaissance style with a characteristically double stepped gable.

A showpiece of the town hall is the oak timbered aldermen room, where justice was administered. In the ceiling one still can see the blocks from which the bell cord hang. After the aldermen reached the verdict, the bailiff warned the men in the waiting room that they would have to come and take the convicted person to the scaffold. The condemned person stood before a bar, the bailiff and aldermen were sitting behind this bar, which is still there in the town hall. 

At this location Wim van Krimpen, former director of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, will take care of the design and composition of the exhibition – especially for this FotoFestivals edition. During the FotoFestival photographs of Eric Hamelink, Gerard Petrus Fieret, Helena van der Kraan and Paul Kooiker are exhibited in the old town hall. 

Curator: Wim van Krimpen