What is FotoFestival Naarden?

FotoFestival Naarden (FFN) is a biennial exhibition which has long reflected the current state of autonomous photography. The last five editions concentrated mainly on Dutch photography and photographers. Photography moves and changes and therefore FotoFestival Naarden is also dynamic. Due to the current social, cultural and political developments on the national and international level, in 2017 Photo Festival Naarden will pay more attention to international photographers who focus on narrative photography. In addition, we have chosen several social and current themes. We can therefore make use of a large national and international network of photographers and curators which the FFN has developed over the past 27 years.

The festival not only focuses on documentary photography, but also photography that is faithful to the basic principles of beauty and artistry. Just at this intersection of documentary and artistic photography we want to encourage visitors to think and help them develop their views on current events.


The aim of FotoFestival Naarden is to provide every two years an overview of developments in society and photography at home and abroad in the most accessible way to the widest possible audience, on the basis of current themes, with an eye for tradition and a perspective toward the future.

Dynamic program

Through its multiple themes, FotoFestival Naarden offers festival visitors a unique experience. This experience is created not only by the exhibits, but also by the dynamic and extensive program of activities. The visitor is challenged to participate in portfolio reviews, guided tours, lectures, competitions, a meet & greet with the exhibiting photographers, book reviews, book signings and educational projects.

During the FFN, the ‘OFF festival’ also takes place in Naarden-Vesting, offering free exhibitions of amateur and professional photographers in living rooms, shops and gardens. FotoFestival Naarden is partly because of this an inspiring meeting place for a wide audience interested in photography.

FotoFestival Naarden provides a platform for new and young talent, for new forms of photography, for photography supported by multimedia, and for photography in social media. The promotion of photography supported by multimedia as well as education is a high priority of the administration and the curators.


The board of FotoFestival Naarden is composed as follows:

  • André van der Velde, chairman
  • Peter van den Doel, dep. chairman
  • Michiel Vos, treasurer
  • Feiko Koster, head curator
  • Eduard Planting, head curator
  • Erik van der Spek, communications
  • Joke Smit, coordinator