Right Here, Right Now!

What do we do when we are faced with breathtaking beauty? Who are the heroes who dare to stand out from the crowd? Hasn’t everything already been recorded? The curators of FotoFestival Naarden have tried to answer these questions in an exhibition entitled “Right Here, Right Now!” It explores the present as the past of the future, as captured by acclaimed photographers from home and abroad. They tell stories about various topical issues in a changing society.

Living in the moment

What we do when we are faced with breathtaking beauty? Do we capture it or enjoy the moment? What keeps us in our experience if we are just busy trying to take photos? Are the innumerable photographic images not just causing us to just forget faster?

Bridges or walls

Do we continue muddling through or do we make serious attempts to give each other a better future? Do we let refugees perish or do we bring them inside? Are you a bridge builder or do you hide behind the dikes? Do you build a wall around your family, your friends or yourself to protect against evil and thus ensure a good future for yourself?

Dare to be different

Who are the heroes who dare to stand out from the crowd? Is there a hero in you? If you do something that others do not dare to do, are you reckless or visionary?


Hasn’t everything already been recorded? We can now take and share more pictures in a week than were taken throughout the entirety of the analog era. Fortunately, there are photographers and artists who are still able to distinguish themselves and manage to surprise us with a new perspective on an old concept.

Crying for the moon

What do you dream of and what do you do to make your dream come true? How do you shape your future in a world that changes daily? How do people handle their setbacks and how do they fight for their happiness? “Be careful what you wish for … it just might happen.”

Unlike any other medium, photography can depict stories that engage us, make us happy or frightened, and can make us realize how important the present is in our daily lives and for our future. In short: Right Here, Right Now

Marie-José Jongerius – from the LA Palms Series