Explanation and conditions for participation in FotoFestival Naarden 2017

The “Open Call” for participation in the festival is subject to certain conditions, because not everyone can participate.

The curators select a portion of the photographers, but interested photographers can also use the open enrollment. Photographers who are busy with new work can indicate that they will submit it later (by April 2017). Photographers can upload their work for review on this website via the upload page.

Who can submit work?

Photographers who wish to submit work must meet the following requirements:

  • graduated from a recognized art or photography school
  • and/or a member of a professional photographers association
  • and/or affiliated with an agency
  • and/or can provide a professional reference
  • and/or have won prizes or starting stipends
  • and/or have already taken part in exhibitions and/or publications.

Students of photography courses/schools can also submit their work.

Contribution to the costs

For every registration we ask for a contribution of 35 euros. The planning and implementation of a festival takes a lot of time and money. The FFN is a non-profit organization that depends entirely on sponsorship, a number of grants and the sale of entrance tickets. It’s therefore not surprising that it’s not easy for us to come up with the budget. Until now, we have succeeded, partly with your help. Therefore, we ask this time again a modest fee for registration. You get in any case one free ticket, worth 19.50 euros.

Registration closed

The registration is closed now. We received close to 400 entries. In the coming weeks we will make a selection, with the support of our three guest curators. At about 15 March 2017 we want to have that selection completed. All photographers that have entered their work, will receive a reply. We would like to thank all photograpers that send us their work!


The entries will be selected by the head curators Feiko Koster (designer, photographer) and Eduard Planting (collector and gallery owner), assisted by three guest curators. The guest curators for 2017 are: Carla van de Puttelaar, Joost van den Broek and Ernst Coppejans. We’re very pleased that these three great photographers will help us with the selection this year.



The Fence in 2015